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About Sahanas - Art Your Way

Sahanas - Art Your Way is an Art Institute with an events centre, workshop room and classes. We conduct regular music and other performance art classes. We have experts from various art fields host workshops. Our events space hosts a variety of events from open mics to concerts.

Our Creative Hub

Sahanas - Art Your Way is more than just an art center. It's a creative hub where imagination comes to life. Our space is designed to inspire and nurture creativity. We offer a wide range of services and activities that cater to all ages and skill levels. From traditional art classes to experimental workshops, there's something for everyone at Sahanas.

Meet Our Artists

At Sahanas - Art Your Way, we are proud to have a team of talented and passionate artists who are dedicated to sharing their expertise with our students and visitors. Each artist brings a unique perspective and skill set, enriching the creative environment at our institute.

Michelle Hunter

Drawing & Painting

Michelle is a versatile artist with a focus on capturing the essence of the subject through her drawings and paintings. Her classes are known for their interactive and engaging approach, making it easy for beginners to express their creativity.

David Cho

Sculpting & Mixed Media

David's expertise in sculpting and mixed media art forms has made him a sought-after instructor in the art community. His innovative techniques and passion for storytelling through art make his workshops a truly enriching experience.

Fiona Buchanan


Fiona's vibrant illustrations and creative storytelling have inspired many aspiring artists. Her classes focus on developing a strong foundation in illustration while encouraging individual style and expression.

What Our Community Says

“Sahanas - Art Your Way has been a game-changer for my child. The nurturing environment and personalized attention have helped my child grow as an artist and as an individual.”

— Parent's Name

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